What is a Segway Scooter?

January 23, 2013

The Segway scooter (attention, not to be mixed with a sWegway scooter) is a two wheeled automobile. Invented by Mr. Dean Kamen, it was introduced By Segway Inc. The Scooter is powered by electric battery that makes comminuting easier on different levels. Segway is a homophone for the Italian word Segue meaning Smooth Transition.

The Segway scooter comprises of ‘2 balancing wheels’ standing between the ‘device platform’ and a ‘handle bar’. The usage is very easy and simple. To turn right or left the user turns the handle bar in the respective direction. However to move forward, the user leans on a forward motion on the device platform and to move backward, the user leans backward on the device platform. The Segway Scooter comprises of Gyroscopic Sensors that detect this user-movement. Also, they have hydraulic leveling systems that detect weight shift of the user.
The handle bar of the Segway scooter has a small screen that displays the speed and the kilometers travelled by the user. It allows the person to keep a track of the distance traveled and the time taken.

The Segway scooter can travel up to 18 – 20 km per hour

This modification of a wheelchair opens new dimensions of hope and traveling to people who are unable to do so, or who are dependant for transportation. Segwayy scooters can be used on roads as well as on sidewalks. They have easy access to curbs and maintain the smooth drive promised.

Segway scooters have been approved and widely used in many great countries including Canada, USA, Germany and other parts of Europe. It has proven best for people who are dependant for transportation for eg, handicapped people, green users, and tourists. These small but very useful electrically powered devices have also been used by police forces of some nations for eg, China.

Today, where traffic jams are so common on all major roads and highways, Segway scooters have proven to be the vehicle that can easily escape such problems.

Segway scooters, unlike other scooters and bigger bikes, are designed in a way that incorporates maximum metal but has the lightest weight. The bulk of the scooter is not as much as any other bike seen on the roads. It is designed to be thin and brisk, just what the user wants in his personal automobile. They tires of the scooter have different types; but all are made perfectly well to incorporate friction to the ground they are traveling on, just enabling a perfect grip and a steady ride.

Financing methods for Segways

March 1, 2013

Let’s face it: Segways are pretty expensive. At least for most people that can only use it once or twice a year. And they are pretty large and it takes some spaces in the garage to store them. There’s one simple rule: If you think you won’t need your Segway at least weekly you should not consider buying one. If you use it less often you should just rent one even though that might be more expensive. But you have no risk as you pay on demand. Whenever you need one you will get it. Then you have to pay attention to the concept of present value. This can be pretty confusing but when you consider that $1000 today ore more worth than $1000 in 2 years it’s pretty obvious. The reason for that is not inflation as many people think. It’s about interest rates. When you spend that $1000 in 2 years and not earlier you can make a bank deposit (or any other investment opportunity like stocks, funds or forex trading at plus500) and earn 3% in interest making your $1000 a bit more in 2 years. So you prefer to spend $1000 in 2 years and not today. And that’s why you need a very good reason to spend a small fortune to buy a segway now instead of paying nothing at first and pay small rents whenever you need it. So overall you can say that financing a segway is not an easy task and you have to consider a lot of things. I’d generally suggest to get to a store every time you need one if you don’t use it very often and also have no alternatives like bycicles.

What are the up’s and down’s Segway has faced since their launch?

February 1, 2013

The two wheel revolution as it was being called after its release in 2002 specifically in the short distance travel market. But despite all the massive pre-release, nationwide release, celebrity endorsements etc. it still failed to meet its sales targets. The tech Guru and the inventor of the machine Dean Kamen predicted that this invention will do to the cars something of the same proportion as what cars did to horses and buggies. But the numbers show that this is so clearly not even close to affecting the car sales in anyway. With the recent turn of events and ever rising cost of Gasoline and increasing prices, this is about to change.

The initial target set by the company was to sell 40,000 units of the device each year. They have only been able to achieve 23,000 at the end of their 4th year (2006). Segway claim that there are around 80,000 units being used worldwide, but that account to many of them being in possession of Governments and Security companies using the product for patrolling, security strolls and checks around short distances. The battery powered Segway which starts from around £4800 including VAT, can reach the maximum speeds of 12.5 miles per hour and can travel 18 miles in one single charge before you stick it in the mains again. Extras like Tail-light, lock kit and a bag are also available for customers but come with an extra charge.

Employees like Wayne Mitchell, Segway Manager UK, still stay optimistic but blame the country laws for hindering the progressive growth. Many countries don’t classify Segway scooter as a drivable vehicle on Roads including UK despite having more than 2000 users in the country. As Wayne Mitchell states that sales are going up every year as compared to the last, and also showed his optimism to the laws against Segway being changed due to its growing success. There are few countries that have legalized its use on roads like Netherlands, but even in countries like UK where Segway use is not allowed on the roads, people do use them. Yet there is still no incident of someone being held by the police for that reason. The spokesman for the Department of Transport UK has officially stated that the machine does not qualify the minimum safety standards of the road vehicles. Hence the laws prohibit its use. There are some places where traffic laws can’t reach so they are allowed to be used on private properties like shopping malls and airports, which is certainly helpful for the cause.

What are the features of a Segway Scooter?

January 23, 2013

The Segway Scooter is a personalized automobile that enables an individual to travel freely and safely without any dependence. This new device has raised the bar of technology very high. The speculation it created in the markets, and the purchase rates rising up high are a clear indication of the success of this product. The Scooter is a proud product of Segway Inc. that has a clear history of manufacturing extremely reliable and user-friendly devices.

This electronic device is divided into a handle bar, two wheels and a small platform where the user can stand. It is battery powered and has sensors to detect body weight movement as to change directions; which means that to move forward direction that user has to lean forward and to move in reverse direction the user has to put his weight backward. This leaning forward and backward helps the sensors of the device control the speed of transport and the movement. For turning however, the handle should be moved left or right.

The handle bar of the device is made up of metal rod that bifurcates into two enabling the users grip and ease of controlling the device. The handle bar also has a small screen that displays everything that concerns the user; the weather, the speed, the distance traveled and the time consumed. The handle bar is directly attached to the platform where the user stands. Platform itself is made strong enough to bear strong weights of different users, for a long period of time. The platforms are tested initially, to bear high insults of forces and can also be customized as per the wish of the user.

The handle bar on both sides, are attached to two tires. The tires of this automobile are the real factor responsible for its stability. The tires can be big or small and have high definition grips that prevent skidding of the device. The quality used to make these tires is exclusive and tested repeatedly to prevent wear and tear on exposure of extremes of weathers. The tires include low pressure turf tires that are gentle enough on any terrain, the all terrain tires and the normal terrain tires.

The Segway Scooter is a device that can enable easy traveling and avoid traffic issues. Recent market rates have shown an 11% increase in the sale of Segway Scooters. These scooters have revolutionized transportation. It can be used for daily outdoor commuting, for specific outdoor errands and for special outdoor excursions.
The newly made Segway Scooters now also include storage compartments right above the tires. This enables a user to carry any and everything they wish for and makes running errands an enjoyable experience for kids. They are placed higher and perpendicular to the platform for easy access.

Who uses a Segway these days and why are they preferred over other transport?

A Segway scooter is a two-wheeled mobility device introduced by Segway inc. for the first time in 2002 for sale to general public. The scooter after few name changes is now called Segway PT by the makers in which PT stands for “Personal Transporter”. This personal transporter is an electrically powered self-balancing mobilizer which uses computer controlled gyroscope technology and fluid based leveling sensors to stabilize itself and react to moving body weight.

Invented by the successful entrepreneur and inventor Dean L. Kamen, the product created a lot of buzz prior to its debut due to Kamen’s reputation but more so cause of the confidential excerpts of a book containing quotes from the famous Tech-geeks like Steve Jobs and John Doerr, praising the product for its technological forwardness and coining it as revolutionary and a game changer in the transportation market. The buzz created such hype that even the popular TV Show South Park picked up the topic and dedicated a whole episode to the talk of the town. Though they did it in the typical South Park fashion and made mimicry out of it, but it brought even more attention to the product.

Prior to its official unveiling Segway PT was being referred to as “Ginger” after film star Ginger Rogers or simply “It”. After the unexpected, hyperbolic and rampant hype and a lot of speculation Segway scooter was finally revealed on the 3rd of December 2001 at the Bryant Park, New York City live on National Television courtesy “Good Morning America” of the ABC Network.

The Segway scooter has evolved a lot since than with many upgrades in both aesthetics and technology. The company has been able to maintain its market leadership in the personal transportation segment despite a regime change in 2009, when the company was sold to British millionaire Jimi Heselden‘s company Hesco Bastion.
They have been able to create three market segments for their product: Individual – Catering to the segment of the market that consist of individuals for personal use, Business – Catering to the segment of market consisting of Companies looking to use the product for their day to day business mobility and individual transport and Patrol – Catering to the segment of market consisting of Governments and Security companies using the product for patrolling and security strolls and checks around distances.
This shows Segway’s commitment to keeping its product meet the ever evolving consumer needs as well as evolving Market needs, as many competitors have emerged in recent times to challenge the company’s dominance.

Segways in Las Vegas

January 18, 2013

GamblersSegways have become very popular in Las Vegas lately and this is no surprise. Las Vegas simply fits perfectly to the use of Segways and vice versa. Visitors can visit place after place and casino after casino without the need of a cab or an own vehicle with high parking fees. There are also casinos where you can win segways as extra price and this is pretty cool. For example when you win a a blackjack tournament at cesars. At least this was the case some time ago when I visited Las Vegas, I’m not sure if it’s still the case today. You can find more information about blackjack here. Apart from that the Segways trend is noticeable in more places than just Vegas and you can say in general they are getting more and more attractive the shorter the distances are between interesting locations and places (this is the case in Vegas) and the worse alternatives like cars, cabs, bus transfer etc. becomes. There are a lot more cities that meet these requirements and you can expect to see much more Segways there in the near future like Macau with an excellent casino offering especially for high stakes players (see here). You won’t believe it but there are players betting with xx,xxx US-$ with one roulette wager for example. This is crazy indeed.