What are the features of a Segway Scooter?

January 23, 2013

The Segway Scooter is a personalized automobile that enables an individual to travel freely and safely without any dependence. This new device has raised the bar of technology very high. The speculation it created in the markets, and the purchase rates rising up high are a clear indication of the success of this product. The Scooter is a proud product of Segway Inc. that has a clear history of manufacturing extremely reliable and user-friendly devices.

This electronic device is divided into a handle bar, two wheels and a small platform where the user can stand. It is battery powered and has sensors to detect body weight movement as to change directions; which means that to move forward direction that user has to lean forward and to move in reverse direction the user has to put his weight backward. This leaning forward and backward helps the sensors of the device control the speed of transport and the movement. For turning however, the handle should be moved left or right.

The handle bar of the device is made up of metal rod that bifurcates into two enabling the users grip and ease of controlling the device. The handle bar also has a small screen that displays everything that concerns the user; the weather, the speed, the distance traveled and the time consumed. The handle bar is directly attached to the platform where the user stands. Platform itself is made strong enough to bear strong weights of different users, for a long period of time. The platforms are tested initially, to bear high insults of forces and can also be customized as per the wish of the user.

The handle bar on both sides, are attached to two tires. The tires of this automobile are the real factor responsible for its stability. The tires can be big or small and have high definition grips that prevent skidding of the device. The quality used to make these tires is exclusive and tested repeatedly to prevent wear and tear on exposure of extremes of weathers. The tires include low pressure turf tires that are gentle enough on any terrain, the all terrain tires and the normal terrain tires.

The Segway Scooter is a device that can enable easy traveling and avoid traffic issues. Recent market rates have shown an 11% increase in the sale of Segway Scooters. These scooters have revolutionized transportation. It can be used for daily outdoor commuting, for specific outdoor errands and for special outdoor excursions.
The newly made Segway Scooters now also include storage compartments right above the tires. This enables a user to carry any and everything they wish for and makes running errands an enjoyable experience for kids. They are placed higher and perpendicular to the platform for easy access.