Segways in Las Vegas

January 18, 2013

GamblersSegways have become very popular in Las Vegas lately and this is no surprise. Las Vegas simply fits perfectly to the use of Segways and vice versa. Visitors can visit place after place and casino after casino without the need of a cab or an own vehicle with high parking fees. There are also casinos where you can win segways as extra price and this is pretty cool. For example when you win a a blackjack tournament at cesars. At least this was the case some time ago when I visited Las Vegas, I’m not sure if it’s still the case today. You can find more information about blackjack here. Apart from that the Segways trend is noticeable in more places than just Vegas and you can say in general they are getting more and more attractive the shorter the distances are between interesting locations and places (this is the case in Vegas) and the worse alternatives like cars, cabs, bus transfer etc. becomes. There are a lot more cities that meet these requirements and you can expect to see much more Segways there in the near future like Macau with an excellent casino offering especially for high stakes players (see here). You won’t believe it but there are players betting with xx,xxx US-$ with one roulette wager for example. This is crazy indeed.