What is a Segway Scooter?

January 23, 2013

The Segway scooter (attention, not to be mixed with a sWegway scooter) is a two wheeled automobile. Invented by Mr. Dean Kamen, it was introduced By Segway Inc. The Scooter is powered by electric battery that makes comminuting easier on different levels. Segway is a homophone for the Italian word Segue meaning Smooth Transition.

The Segway scooter comprises of ‘2 balancing wheels’ standing between the ‘device platform’ and a ‘handle bar’. The usage is very easy and simple. To turn right or left the user turns the handle bar in the respective direction. However to move forward, the user leans on a forward motion on the device platform and to move backward, the user leans backward on the device platform. The Segway Scooter comprises of Gyroscopic Sensors that detect this user-movement. Also, they have hydraulic leveling systems that detect weight shift of the user.
The handle bar of the Segway scooter has a small screen that displays the speed and the kilometers travelled by the user. It allows the person to keep a track of the distance traveled and the time taken.

The Segway scooter can travel up to 18 – 20 km per hour

This modification of a wheelchair opens new dimensions of hope and traveling to people who are unable to do so, or who are dependant for transportation. Segwayy scooters can be used on roads as well as on sidewalks. They have easy access to curbs and maintain the smooth drive promised.

Segway scooters have been approved and widely used in many great countries including Canada, USA, Germany and other parts of Europe. It has proven best for people who are dependant for transportation for eg, handicapped people, green users, and tourists. These small but very useful electrically powered devices have also been used by police forces of some nations for eg, China.

Today, where traffic jams are so common on all major roads and highways, Segway scooters have proven to be the vehicle that can easily escape such problems.

Segway scooters, unlike other scooters and bigger bikes, are designed in a way that incorporates maximum metal but has the lightest weight. The bulk of the scooter is not as much as any other bike seen on the roads. It is designed to be thin and brisk, just what the user wants in his personal automobile. They tires of the scooter have different types; but all are made perfectly well to incorporate friction to the ground they are traveling on, just enabling a perfect grip and a steady ride.